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If you know someone who's thinking about suicide:

The most important thing is to be right there at his/her side. Listen to him/her and don't leave him/her alone.

Listening IS NOT EASY: we have to control the urge to say something, to make comments. It's not just a question of listening to the facts: we also have to try to understand the feelings of the person. We need to try to put ourselves in the shoes of the distressed individual to be able to understand him/her.

People on the verge of committing suicide need:

1. To be genuinely listened to not to be judged, reproached or     subjected to the listener's opinions.

2. To feel they are with someone they can trust, who is concerned     about them, who will speak to them calmly and who will calm them     down.

3. To feel protected and not to be left alone at any time.

4. To receive professional support as soon as possible.

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